PIC (Prestige Image Creation) is NOT a modelling agency, since we do not have a database of models who we charge for any contract they sign, but instead we select our own models and work with them either on the constant or on the project basis. Below you will find more comprehensive information about how our work with models is, and you are always welcome to ask us any questions (for that, use the feedback form in the About Us section).

Models for advertising lingerie and clothing

  • A 12 month contract with monthly payment + payment for each shoot
  • Model has an EXCLUSIVE contract with us for this period of 12 months
  • Shoots are performed in your country residence, UK or Japan
  • All travel expenses are paid
  • Underage models must travel with a parent/guardian

Models for photography holidays work

  • Models are expected to work with photographers from the UK and Japan 2-3 days per week, 8 hours per day
  • Shoots are performed in the model’s native country (Egypt, Ukraine or Georgia)
  • All travel expenses, if any, are paid
  • Food and drinks are provided during the period of work
  • Sometimes models are asked to bring their own clothes

Models for our own photoshoots

  • Models are selected after the pre-shoot
  • Payment is made per shoot only, no contract
  • Models must sign the release form, copyright to photos is ours, but you can have 2-3 photos for yourself
  • Photos will be used for our website (advertising photography, image, etc.)

Models for test shoots

  • Sometimes we offer models work in the one-time projects, such as boudoir or outdoor shoots ONLY to test the shooting techniques
  • Payment is made per shoot
  • The photos are not used by us and cannot be sent to the models, as their quality is test only

General requirements to models

  • Age: 16+, models below 18 MUST bring a parent or a guardian to the shoot
  • No strict requirements as for the appearance, however for us important are the personality and the ability to be ‘different’ in front of the camera and ‘tell the story’ with both face and posture
  • We expect our models to be:
    1. Colourful
    2. Cheerful
    3. With character and charisma
    4. Ability to model in front of crowds
    5. Know how to look after her appearance & self
    6. Able to show her different sides to personality
    7. Have what it takes to act well in front of camera
    8. Loves the camera & the camera loves her
    9. Not size ZERO, healthy and attractive

Audition/Selection process

  • Application form
  • First personal meeting, Q&A
  • Pre-shoot (normally a quick and non-paid procedure, photos are never used)
  • Signing the release form
  • Final shoot (if you are selected for the shoot that is paid for, photos can be used for our website)/Other types of shoots