Studio Photography

Our studio offers you all kinds of studio photography:

    • Creating your portrait
    • Creating your model/actor/performer portfolio
    • Family portraits
    • Business photos
    • Style makeover for the shoot

Our professional photographer will find the best poses and angles for your photos, and the stylist and makeup artists will create for you the images that will reflect your unique personality.
The photoshoot takes place in a relaxed atmosphere with our professional team providing top quality service. You will have both an enjoyable experience and an excellent result at the same time.
Please feel free to browse through our album to have a glimpse of our portfolio.

How is the photoshoot conducted?
Before the shoot, you will discuss the image or images you want to create with our stylist and photographer; after that you will have your hair and make-up done by the stylist. In our studio, professional photographer will make shoots using different backgrounds and accessories. After the photosession, you will be able to look through all the shots, and choose the ones that you like.

What is the cost of a photoshoot?
The cost is varied depending on what kind of photosession you need: for actor’s or model’s portfolio, business or corporate photographs, or “image” photos. You are most welcome to contact us to find out detailed information about our fees.

What kinds of portraits do you want to create?
We offer to our customers all kinds of portraits, from family and corporate ones to those for models and actors portfolios. Digital processing of all your photographs ensures your perfect look on all photographs.

What is the duration of a photoshoot?
The average duration of a shoot is about 4 hours, including hair styling and make-up.

When will the photographs be ready?
Your photographs will be ready immediately. Should you require digital touching of your photographs, we will do this in the shortest period possible.